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Wednesday, July 6th, 2011
3:39 pm - Ouchies!
I realize that I don't really post here much anymore, except to whine about my fitness.  Therefore, without further ado, I give you... a whiny post about my fitness!  I've been rehabbing a nasty leg injury for the past 2+ months.  Here's what happened:

At the end of April I was supposed to play goalie for a co-ed team in an Easter tournament.  The whole thing was just for fun, more about the drinking after games than anything else, so I took a relaxed attitude into it.  Unfortunately, that translated into me not warming up properly before the first game.  This was a very bad decision, considering that I had rollerbladed around the seawall the day before and made myself stiff.  Naturally, the first shot I faced in the game was a breakaway.  The guy deked, I stretched out to stop him, and I felt my right quadricep tear right down the middle.  In shock and agony, I stood back up, which was my second big mistake because the play kept going and nobody knew I had injured myself.  The puck went down to the other end of the ice and I gingerly tested my leg while trying not to scream too loudly.  I couldn't put any weight on it whatsoever.  I waved at the bench but nobody could understand what I was yelling.  There was no way I could skate all the way there.  Then before I knew it, the play was in my end again, and I ended up making two more awkward saves before I finally got a whistle and collapsed into a big weeping mess.  No one could figure out what had happened to me because the last few saves I made were on fairly innocuous shots.  Lesson learned: when you tear the biggest muscle in your leg, for the love of god, STAY DOWN.

I had to be carried off the ice, and my team played the rest of the game without a goalie (and lost, badly).  It took me half an hour just to change out of my gear, and I couldn't drive my car home so I had to get a friend to pick me up from Coquitlam.  I told Mike what had happened and that I wasn't going to be able to do anything for a while and would likely be on crutches and miserable for weeks.  He responded by bringing me a pizza in support of my new sedentary lifestyle, which was greatly appreciated.  However, that pizza was also the start of a nasty downward health spiral for me.  I'm looking at my little "colourful dot health calendar" right now, and the 3.5 weeks after the injury were pure yellow and red.  With the combo of me being hurt and the Canucks playoff run going on, my willpower didn't stand a chance.  And the worst part is that I was sooooo close to running my first ever 10K before I hurt myself!  Obviously I had to drop out of the Sun Run, since I couldn't even walk properly.

Fast forward 2 months and i'm just now getting my life back on track.  My quad, though it's healed, is a fair bit weaker than it was before the tear.  I'm running again, but I get strange tightness in various muscles that I never got before, and my cardio isn't up to speed at all.  One positive thing is that the injury forced me to diversify the ways that I get exercise: I went swimming a couple times when my leg was too weak for impact, started riding my bike to work 1-2 times a week, and even dusted off the golf clubs to get some extra walking in.  I also bought a Groupon that I plan on using as soon as I feel strong enough - 20 thai boxing and/or ju jitsiu classes for $25!  And finally, after years of saying I was going to start doing it,  I now make my own healthy lunch to bring to work every day.  These little self improvements make me feel way better about the whole situation, and I hope to continue improving myself over the next year, since I'll be spending it in a city where I don't know anyone.

16 more days of work, and 44 days until I fly away to Toronto! 

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Thursday, September 30th, 2010
10:13 am - OW OW OW OW OW.
Fuuuuuuuck... I threw my neck out.

This is the second time in two months that all the muscles on one side of my neck have decided to spasm.  It's not as bad as last time --  this time I managed to dress myself, brush my hair and ride the bus to work, and am now successfully looking at a computer screen -- but it's still a sonofabitch every time I move my head.  I took a couple Robax and they've helped a lot, but they also make me really drowsy.  And now I'll have to miss my Step n' Sculpt class tonight!  BALLS!!!

Aside from my current shooting pains, I'm pretty freaking impressed with myself.  I'm up to 12 pounds lost in 33 days, and I've done it the right way: eating right, exercising, and not drinking.  I have just 3 more pounds to lose before I meet my goal for this crazy health kick, and there are only 9 more days until my self-imposed deadine.  That would put me at 135, which is still at the upper end of my usual average, but at least I'd be back in my "normal" range.

OOH, I see the weather forecast for Sunday (when I'm filming) has changed to partly sunny!!  This is a good thing.  Thank you Amon Ra, God of Sun.  Everything appears to be falling into place (famous last words!).

It has been gorgeous all week here in Van!  I've been spending my lunch hours out on the courthouse roof, sunning myself like a lizard.  I'm one of those people who can never get enough warmth in my life.  I'm seriously dreading the Winter months ahead, because I'm pretty sure my bathroom is where heat goes to die.  I'm 90% sure that room is going to frost over.  I'll have to rig up some sort of space-heater-on-a-timer thingy so that I can run from my cozy, warm bed to a pre-heated bathroom in the Winter.  And I'll also have to do something about my windows... ever since our house got painted, none of the windows in my room will close.  It wasn't a problem in the Summer so I left it for future-Morgan to deal with... and now the time for action is rapidly approaching.

I'm really liking my new regimen of posting on Livejournal when I'm bored at work.  Despite the fact that the interestingness of my posts is inversely correlated with their frequency, I still think it's worth it to put my thoughts down in writing.  Unfortunately it looks like my readership has dropped thanks to me never posting.  How does one make friends on the Interwebz??

It's so nice out... time for a stroll down Robson!

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Monday, September 27th, 2010
4:19 pm - Rain, rain, go away...
This rain is stressing me out.  And not because it makes my feet wet, and not because I'm always cold, and not because I know this is the start of another 8-month, soggy Vancouver Winter.  No, this time it's actually stressing me out because I'm supposed to be filming a commercial on Sunday.

I'm entering a contest for this company called MoFilm that gets amateur filmmakers to create spec ads for major brands.  It's all part of my cunning plan to escape from a career in Public Service and get into advertising.  I already have the degree that I need (Psychology)... now I just need a portfolio so that I can apply for internships, and money so that I can afford to work for free for a while.  This 7-Up ad would look great in my portfolio if I can finish it, plus if I can get it done before the deadline (October 11), I actually think that I have a realistic shot at taking home some sweet sweet prize money.  First prize is 10,000 Euro, and a trip to the Rome Film Festival, where my ad would get screened!!  I want that.  And even 5th prize is 500 bones... that would be a nice little treat!

At this point I've taken care of every aspect of filming; I have the gear, a volunteer crew, actors, props, a location, and what I think is a pretty solid (although admittedly cheesy) script.  But the ONE thing that I can't control is the weather, and my ad specifically calls for sunshine.  In Vancouver in October, that's a pretty tall order.  Yikes.

Right now I'm actually hoping that it will keep monsooning all week so there will be no water left in the sky by Sunday.  That would be ideal.

Everyone keep your fingers and toes crossed!!

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Thursday, September 23rd, 2010
4:54 pm - Fitness update: look at me being a badass, typing from my work computer!

I don't care if they catch me.  There's nothing else for me to do so I might at well update.

I am on one of the biggest health kicks of my life right now!  It all started when I signed up for a gym membership at the YMCA.  I hadn't been to exercising for MONTHS at that point... my Summer consisted of me eating, drinking, and lying on the beach (not that I'm complaining!).  I also injured my knee running early in the Summer, and it got so bad that running for even a couple blocks was too painful.  So I ended up being pretty much sedentary for the two months. 

The inspiration for me to turn my life around came when I did CityChase at the end of August.  Some of you might recall that I did CityChase two years ago and thought it kicked my ass then.  Well this time it utterly destroyed me!  Last time, Babs and I finished in about 3 hours.  This time my friend Jenny and I took 5 hours and 40 minutes, narrowly missing the 6 hour cutoff!  I have never felt so out of shape as I did that day. 

So on the Monday after that I joined the gym, and stepped on the scale for the first time since I quit my other gym back in May.  and OH MY GOD.  I had to go around to all the other scales in the gym to make sure they weren't broken.  Since 2009, I had gained TWENTY POUNDS!!!!  SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!!!!  My whole life I've hovered around 130-135, and here I was, pushing 150!???  I almost cried.  This is what I get for living with boys and eating the way they do.  And I'm sure my 17-day binge during the Olympics didn't help either! It happened so gradually that I didn't even notice my life spiraling out of control! 

Instantly, as I have done in the past, I imposed new rules on myself.  First, I decided to give up all alcohol for six weeks (conveniently, this means I can start drinking again on October 9th, the first Canucks game of the season!).  Secondly, I resolved to do something active six days a week.  And finally, I decided to cook my own dinners on a regular basis instead of going out.  I've been eating lots of fancy salads, lean meat and brown rice.

The first week, pounds fell off, probably mostly as a result of the lost calories from booze ;)  I've found a bunch of classes at my gym that I like.  I even completed my New Years Resolution by taking cardio-kickboxing on Wednesdays after work, and I LOVE IT!!!  There's something delightfully cathartic about beating the crap out of an imaginary person after a long day at the office.  After months of rehab, my knee is finally better and I've been gradually increasing my running distance.  I started out at 1km (just around the block, to test the knee), and now I'm averaging 6km a run (usually I run from my house to either Kits beach or Spanish Banks and back).  Thoughts of running an official 10K are starting to creep into my head, and that's something I NEVER thought I'd be able to do!

These past two weeks I haven't lost any weight, and it's been disappointing.  I'm stuck at around 143, but I think that's probably due to a combo of me putting on muscle and me retaining water during my "lady times."  I have 16 more days to go and I would love it if I could make it down to 135 but there's no way I'll lose that much before my deadline.  Sigh... guess I'll just have to keep being healthy for the foreseeable future, haha. 

5pm, time to go home!!!

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Thursday, February 18th, 2010
8:52 am - Can it be Olympics all the time????
I presented a silver medal in Women's Snowboardcross last night, in front of 24000 people!!  Check me out. 

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Friday, February 12th, 2010
7:45 am - It's Christmas for Vancouver Sports Fans!!
 I've been waiting for this day for at least the last seven years!  I have rehearsal for the Victory Ceremonies this morning but then I'm going to put on all my Team Canada stuff and make my way down to Yaletown!  They're going to show the Opening Ceremonies on giant screens in David Lam Park, and pretty much everyone I know is going.  I've heard some reliable rumors about who's playing, and I won't ruin it but I'll just say that I approve!  I hope Trevor Linden carries the torch in the stadium at some point.

Also, I was on the Today Show yesterday!!  Katie Couric did a tour of the Olympic Village and you can see me dancing... for almost a whole second! ;)

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Wednesday, February 10th, 2010
10:31 pm - IS THIS REAL LIFE???
Today I had a dance party with Team Canada, shook hands with Stephen Harper, met Michaelle Jean, and had my picture taken with Rick Hansen.  Then I watched Sandra Oh have a dance-off with a mountie! 

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Tuesday, December 29th, 2009
10:37 am - It's that time of year again!
Time to set goals with little to no hope of achieving them!!

First, let's see how I did last year.

My resolution was to cook one new thing every month, and listen to a new album every month. It should have been easy, right? Wrong. I actually kept up with it brilliantly until June... I made things like steak marinades, salmon, fried rice, greek salad, and "crispy wheat germ chicken". Then I went to Europe and threw my resolutions to the wind. But I don't regret it because I went to Europe, and that wasn't just a New Year's resolution, that was one of my goals in life! I actually have a list somewhere of things I want to do before I die, and I checked off three of them this year -- go backpacking in Europe, skate on a frozen lake, and be in a long-term relationship.

This year I am going to do a few things... for one, I'm going to continue with my "new food and new album" resolution from last year. Also, I am going to try kickboxing. I've been meaning to try it forever. I have all the info, I know which studio I want to go to, and I have the money. Time to git'er done! And finally, as an added bonus challenge, I am going to quit drinking entirely for 6 weeks! Specifically, from January 1st until February 12th. That's when the Olympics start, and when I will need to be in great shape because I'm going to be on TV, seen by millions of people every night! If that's not motivation to stop drinking beer all the time and eating garbage and not working out, then I don't know what is!!!

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Sunday, December 27th, 2009
9:26 am - Jolly snowflake day, everyone!
Christmas was excellent this year. It was our usual holiday routine... relatives arrived at my parents' place in White Rock on Christmas Eve and stayed until Boxing Day. On Christmas Eve we sat around, ate and drank, and watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. By the end of the movie we were all pretty drunk and tired so everyone went to bed, but nobody remembered to put the presents under the tree! So the next morning when we got up for Christmas it was less of a "yay, Santa came!" moment and more of a "wow, Christmas fail" one. We all had a good laugh about it.

Drinking recommenced early on Christmas morning. There were caesars being made and I had a coffee that was mostly bailey's. My big present this year was an ipod touch! I got the 8 gig one but I'm going to take it to Future Shop tomorrow and exchange it for the 32 gig. I have a LOT of music, plus I'd like some space for videos and stuff as well. I also got a really nice pair of mitts for skiing (I suffer from chronic cold fingers), a pretty good looking recipe book (maybe this will be the year I stop being a kitchen retard??) and Wii Sports Resort. Plus a whole bunch of little stuff, makeup, chocolate, etc. Not a bad haul!

Mike and I did our gift exchange last week at his Christmas party. We'd been talking about presents the week before when we were up at Whistler... at that point we had each gotten the other person something "small" but felt like we needed to find another gift. So we agreed on a truce-- we would just exchange our "small, insufficient" gifts and that would be that. So I gave him one of those tumbler mugs from Starbucks that you can put your own picture in (I used the scenic panorama shot from the top of our Black Tusk hike), then I filled the mug with those alcoholic chocolates. He gave me a big stuffed "Quatchi" (the Olympic mascot), which I love! I'm glad we didn't do over-the-top, expensive presents. It's too soon for that, in my opinion.

After we were done with all the presents on Christmas, I basically did nothing but eat food for two days. Smoked meat sandwiches, turkey, gravy, chocolate, beer, chili, baked goods... I am now obese. But I'm going up to Whistler again tomorrow, so hopefully I'll ski hard all day and undo some of the damage.

Hope you all had great Christmases too!

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Saturday, July 4th, 2009
7:35 pm - I've been selected to be a Vancouver 2010 torchbearer!!!!
But I'm in Europe and need to get the forms printed, signed, and mailed in within two days :S  If I don't get the forms in, they'll give my spot away.  I hope I can get this done!!!

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009
6:07 pm - Holy crap, I'm leaving the country in three days!!!
Tomorrow is officially my last day of work!!  I can't believe it!  Then I have until Friday to get my shit together, and then I'll be leaving for what will either be the greatest or worst experience of my life!!! 

A part of me is actually kind of wistful and sad about missing a whole summer here... I'll miss out on camping trips, beach days, parties, festivals, the fireworks, etc.  It's funny how I was having pretty much the shittiest year ever this year, and then as soon as I'd had enough and decided to leave everything got better and now I almost don't want to go.  But I just have to keep reminding myself that I'll be doing something even more awesome than what will be going on here at home.  Yesterday, as I sewed my Canadian flag patch onto my backpack, I actually got goosebumps and butterflies just thinking about the next two months.  Bring it on, other side of the planet!!! 

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Monday, June 1st, 2009
7:43 pm - I have a 1 in 3ish chance of winning $10000. Help me?

Click below and vote for the video on the far right!  My friend "C-Baby" wrote and performed the rap, and I filmed and edited the video.  The point of the contest was to make a one-minute video about what you would do differently if you could do university all over again.  We entered thinking we were a longshot, and now we've made the top ten!  If it finishes in the top 3 we win $10,000!!  TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. 


Vote early, vote often, tell your friends, etc.!!!

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Thursday, May 7th, 2009
9:41 pm
You know, there's a reason why lifelong Canucks fans have trust issues...

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Tuesday, March 31st, 2009
5:30 pm - New Years Resolution: Quarterly Report

Album - MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
Food - Fried rice with prawns, onions, peas and chorizo.

Outcome - The album was one of those "okay on the first listen, then it grows on you" ones.  I'd give it a 6/10.
The recipe was off of the internet, and well... it was virtually inedible. Turns out I don't like chorizo. Plus I messed up the rice.  2/10.


Album - The Killers - Day and Night
Food - Steak dinner, featuring my dad's secret marinade recipe, with corn and a baked potato

Outcome - I enjoyed every single song on the album. 8/10.
The steak was pretty rare, and the potato wasn't cooked all the way through... but I love steak, and it tasted like steak, so it gets a 7/10.


Album - Fall Out Boy - Folie a Deux
Food - Broiled Salmon, with peas and rice

Outcome - I think if I do salmon again, I'll wrap it in foil and bake it. It was dry on the outside and almost raw on the inside.  I made much better rice this time, though.  5/10.
I heart fall out boy. 9/10.

Now I need to think of a food and an album for April... any suggestions?  (keep in mind the fact that I'm absolutely retarded in the kitchen)

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Monday, March 30th, 2009
9:11 pm - Anonymity!!!
I did this a long time ago and it was relatively successful, so here it is again.  I'm setting comments to "anonymous only," so you can anonymously comment on this post about anything you want!  It doesn't have to be about me or anything... just write whatever's on your mind.  

aaaand... GO! 

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Thursday, February 12th, 2009
7:17 pm - UPDATE: apparently someone didn't find it funny...

Same sign, three days later:

That damn traffic light keeps getting in my way...  but still, can you believe this!?  Somebody actually COMPLAINED about the sign.  I accuse an emotional tween.

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Monday, February 9th, 2009
10:02 pm - Twilight sucks................. your blood.
I spotted this on my way home from work today and tried to take a picture through the windshield of my moving car... I want to shake the hand of the Blockbuster employee who did this:

Broadway & Blenheim, Vancouver B.C.

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Saturday, January 10th, 2009
1:21 pm - New Years Resolution 2009
1. Learn to cook a new food every month.

2. Listen to a new album every two weeks.

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Saturday, June 14th, 2008
6:20 pm - 11 awesome games we played on my street as kids:

1. Kick the Can. My house was the ultimate kick the can house. Games would sometimes go on for hours, usually until one person got stuck being "it" for so long that they got mad and quit. The problem with kick the can was that we got too good at it... everybody knew exactly where they could and couldn't be seen, and the "it" person knew exactly how far they could wander from the can without being caught. This eventually led to a long series of stalemates, and the eventual decline of kick the can. 

2. Jackpot (aka 500). Sometimes we would play with a football, other times with a baseball, or better yet an aerobie flying ring. The real danger of this game was the "dead or alive" rule, which often lead to some nasty collisions and dogpiles. The game would end either when somebody got hurt, or when the ball/frisbee/ring got stuck in a tree. It was usually the latter.

3. Quince home-run derby. Question: what is the most useless fruit in the world? Answer: a quince. And every year, the quince tree in my back yard drops several tons of rotten quince onto my lawn that then have to be picked up and disposed of. Solution: pick the quince while they are still small, then compete to see how many in a row each person can hit over the neighbours' hedge with a baseball bat. Sometimes we'd play for total homers, sometimes for farthest distance, or we also had a "three strikes you're out" variation. Regardless of how we played the game, it inevitably degenerated into whacking baby-quince at each other from point blank range. Good times, though...

4. Quince driving range. Replace the baseball bat with a golf club and it becomes a whole new game.

5. Dishsoap on the trampoline. Back in the 90's, when trampolines didn't come with 1-person-at-a-time limitations, a trampoline could be easily transformed into an unpredictable, crazy, bouncing, sliding, face-kicking, tooth-chipping instrument of mayhem!! The game ends when somebody cracks their head open.

6. Dishsoap Driveway. this game originated when we discovered a slippery oil skid at the bottom of my parents' sloped driveway. We would put a variety of obstacles at the bottom of the driveway and try to maneuver through them by skidding around them kneeling on a skateboard. The addition of dishsoap increased the potential for sweet stunts.

7. Wasp hunting. There were a few summers when the wasp population was getting out of hand, so we took it upon ourselves to fight back. The method of choice was to have one kid trap a wasp under a badminton racket, then to have another kid smack the racket and wasp with a croquet mallet. The racket and mallet could then be used to collect the wasp corpse and add it to the pile. We soon learned that wasps are attracted to the scent of their dead, and began using the dead wasps as bait for the live ones. Amazingly, nobody ever got stung. Surely everyone else's neighbourhood played this perfectly-normal game....... right? 

8. Skateboards tied to bikes with skipping ropes. Exactly what it sounds like. 

9. Surge. This was a great game for a hot summer day. Step one: Gather up every shoe in the neighbourhood. Step two: have someone hide the shoes in the back yard while everyone else waits anxiously in the front. Step three: the shoe hider yells "SUUUURRRGE!!!" and everyone stampedes to the back yard to find the shoes. Finally, the most important part of the game: punishing the person who found the least shoes by dumping buckets of ice-water over their head from my parents' deck.

10. Fling 'em. This was the only "indoor" game we ever played (excluding board and card games). Fling 'em was always perfect for a rainy day. It was played in my next-door neighbour's basement, which only had one small window. We would use a big piece of plywood to black out the window, and fill the room with every nerf-ball, koosh-ball, tennis-ball, bouncy-ball and beany-baby we could get our hands on. We would then divide the room into two "bases" by setting up the couches across from each other. Then we would turn off the lights and throw shit at each other. Ah, the simple pleasures of life. 

11. The Game. We never came up with a name for it, but it was something like a cross between capture the flag, treasure-hunting, and cops-and-robbers, only on a gigantic scale. The whole neighbourhood was the playing area, and the "flags" were five 2L pop bottles per team. Unlike capture the flag, the bottles did not have to be visible; they could even be completely buried in the ground! There were two bases on opposite ends of the street. Tagging people wasn't enough, either... they had to be dragged all the way back to the base, and then tied up to keep them from escaping. There were no time-outs in the Game. It was always on, even when the prisoners were allowed to go home for dinner. Games would often last for several days before a team managed to find all the bottles. I'm sure there are lots still buried out there. 

current mood: nostalgic

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Monday, May 5th, 2008
2:51 pm - Awesomeness

This Saturday my friend and I are doing the Mitsubishi City Chase in Vancouver!! Basically it's the closest thing there is to Amazing Race if you're Canadian; there will be 15-20 "chase points" set up around Vancouver with a different challenge at each one, and the first team to complete ten of them (either on foot or using public transit) wins! The winner gets to go to a mystery location somewhere in Canada for the national championships, and then that winner gets a car and goes to the world championships in Europe. It's also going to be on CBC in the fall! I'm definitely not expecting to win, but this is just the sort of thing that my competitive personality lives for! I think we'll be a pretty good team... we both know the city really well, she's a great athlete and I might not be the best runner but I'm good at puzzles and things, and willing to eat gross food! We've already got some of our strategy worked out. Win or lose, I'm convinced that this is going to be one of the most fun events I've ever participated in! SO excited! And I'll let you all know how it goes, of course :) 

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